PAIA Manual

Bata South Africa adheres to constitutional and legal principles, particularly Section 32 of the Constitution, which grants individuals the right to access information necessary for the exercise or protection of their rights. To uphold this right, Bata South Africa complies with the Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA) and the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA). While Bata South Africa respects the importance of information access, Bata South Africa also recognizes that no right is absolute, and Bata South Africa balances this with considerations of reasonableness and justification in a democratic society.

Our commitment extends beyond mere compliance; Bata South Africa aims to foster a corporate culture aligned with these values and principles. Our online manual outlines procedures and policies that enhance access to our company’s information. These policies aim to expedite access requests, provide clarity on who to contact, set standards for request consideration, ensure compliance with information protection laws, and integrate information compliance into our overall policies.

This manual is not a standalone document but part of our broader effort to align all our records and policies with information compliance standards. It references relevant policies and guides requesters through our internal processes, with the primary goal of handling access requests efficiently and cost-effectively while respecting the rights of requesters, our company, and any third parties. Please refer to the below for more detailed information.

Click on the following documents to download and view:

1. PAIA Manual
2. FORM 02
3. FORM 03
4. PAIA Guide

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